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Mound House

Mound House
October 15, 2013

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Salute to Bill Grace

Please help us in honoring our outstanding volunteer Bill Grace. Bill has been involved with Mound House even before it was Mound House! He is also the great grandson of William and Milia Case who began the construction of the historic house on our property (the Case House) back in 1906.

We ask you to help us by logging on to the Salute to Senior Service website:
searching for "William Grace" and voting for him starting on April 15. So when you finish your taxes, cruise on over and give Bill a vote. But, you're not done yet! You can vote for Bill each and every day from April 15 to April 30. Not only will this reward Bill for his incredible efforts on the part of Mound House and many other organizations throughout Southwest Florida, but it has the opportunity to reward Mound House with funds to help us to continue performing quality public programming. Also, we encourage you to leave testimonials attesting to Bill's great service, I know we are always impressed by his willingness to fight through beach traffic to reach us!

Below we have reproduced Bill's nomination and don't worry we will remind you to vote as we get closer!

Bill Grace, a board member for Lee Trust for Historic Preservation, was alerted that the Mound House property was up for sale and the historic home was threatened with demolition in 1995. With his help the Town of Fort Myers Beach acquired the Mound House property, containing the oldest standing home on the beach, started in 1906 and called the Case House, which was built atop a 2,000 year old Calusa shell mound. A portion of the mound has since been excavated to create an underground exhibit, enabling visitors to see the strata, or layers, of shell that were built up by the Calusa over hundreds of years. Bill was instrumental in developing the plan for the exhibit and the Case House, which is now in the process of being renovated into a museum space and educational facility.
Bill is the great-grandson of William and Milia Case who began the construction of the Case House. He has been an amazing asset in educating the volunteers and docents about the families who have lived at the site. He continues to help with volunteer education as well as leading weekly tours of the site. Bill is also writing the application for Mound House to be designated on the National Register of Historic Places, a very prestigious honor. As the Historic Advisor for the Town of Fort Myers Beach's Cultural and Environmental Learning Center Advisory Board, he has given vital advice and insight into the value of preservation and the procedure needed to restore the historical integrity of the building.
He is also a founding and current member of the Friends of the Koreshan State Historical Site, another amazing treasure in our community. The Lee Trust for Historical Preservation is another organization that relies on Bill. The Lee Trust searches out important and historic sites worthy of preservation in the City of Fort Myers as well as the greater Lee County area. His presence on the board and service to this organization has been of great importance.
Bill feels that the preservation of our history, both in written form and the physical structures, is important; knowledge of the past affects what we do today and what we will do in the future. Bills invaluable work in preserving our past in today's fast paced, forward looking society deserves all the accolades we can give him and we hope you join us in recognizing all his incredible efforts.