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Mound House

Mound House
October 15, 2013

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Volunteer Spotlight

Mound House staff would like to take this opportunity to thank volunteer Geri Biggs for her invaluable service as a kayak tour volunteer. Her experience and patience in teaching kayaking skills and making visitors feel comfortable is a major contribution to our kayaking programs. Quietly sharing knowledge and understanding of our islands’ back bays and tidal creeks with inexperienced nervous visitors in wobbly kayaks requires a unique talent that Geri graciously provides.

Geri comes to us from the Chicago area. She has taught at all levels, from 2nd grade to High School, and it shows in her patient and outstanding lessons while kayaking. She also coached high school Track & Field, Cross Country, Soccer, and Girls Basketball.  After Geri and her husband retired 10 years ago, they began enjoying winters on beautiful Ft. Myers Beach. They have 5 children and 14 grandchildren.  Nine years ago the Biggs sold their house to one of their daughters and now enjoy the freedom of living and traveling in their motorhome. They have visited 48 states, most provinces of Canada, and Mexico. Some of her many hobbies include nature photography, kayaking, and any sport or physical activity. Recently, Geri donated dozens of stunning, matted and sealed images of native wading birds, shorebirds, and birds of prey in our area for use as reference. This resource has already come in useful as we give kayakers a close up view of the birds they may have seen only far in the distance. This valuable addition of images is deeply appreciated by staff and visitors alike. Geri shared with us, “This area of Florida is an excellent place to explore nature especially in a kayak. I enjoy volunteering at the Mound House because I meet interesting people and share my love to the water.”

Thanks again to Geri and all of our amazing volunteers that help keep Mound House running!